About us


Uwe Föster



1984 Skilled crafts examination as blacksmith
1992 Examination for the master’s certificate as metalworker
1997 Self-employment in a blacksmith of 250 square metres
1997 Construction of the showroom and outdoor design
2003 Extension of the blacksmith to 600 square metres
2005 Renewal of the existing gallery; an area of 380 square metres extending over three floors and redesign of the outdoor area


At the moment we employ four skilled craftsmen, a trainee and a commercial employee.

We work for companies and public authorities throughout Germany, Europe as well as on other continents.

With our unique art objects we also embellish the living rooms and outdoor areas of demanding private customers. The forging and art objects are designed by us and outlined in advance, or formed individually according to the customer whish. These include architectural elements such as fountains, tables, animal sculptures as well as articles of daily use such as railings, gates, window grills and many others.